The Lease of a residence is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 which commenced in January 2011.  This legislation prescribes a new standard Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Some of the important parts of this legislation are that the law requires the landlord to disclose certain matters to a tenant before the Lease is signed, a tenant cannot be charged Lease preparation fees nor be asked to pay more than 2 weeks rent in advance and a tenant cannot be asked to pay a penalty or premium rent.  A landlord must give a tenant 30 days notice if the landlord wishes to terminate the Lease at the end of the term whereas a tenant is only required to give 14 days notice. If the term of the Lease has expired then under the new legislation the landlord must give the tenant 90 days notice if vacant possession is required.  
If the owner wants to sell a residence then it must give the tenants 14 days notice before the premises can be opened for inspection.  
The maximum rental bond that can be requested from a tenant is 4 weeks rent regardless of whether the premises are furnished or unfurnished.  
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